Friday, March 13, 2009

San Antonio

dining at a restaurant outside the mall at the Riverwalk
the guys at the hot tub - too hot for little guy and daddy forgot his suit
the highlight of the trip for the kids - swimming at the hotel
not landscape we are use to seeing back home
The Alamo - the educational part of our trip
a pretty view of the river
picture in front of a pretty waterfall
marriage island right outside of the second hotel we stayed in - We witnessed a wedding while we were there.
The historic Menger hotel where we stayed the first night. This is the hotel where my grandparents honeymooned many years ago. It was right next to the Alamo.

We had lots of fun on this little trip. We wish Daddy had more meeting in fun places! The kids and I were on our own for two days while Daddy was in meetings. We did some shopping, went to a show at the I-Max, and we went to the Children's Museum. I love the way we were able to walk to everything that we wanted to do. A fun place to visit!

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