Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Dance Recital

Last Saturday, my daughter had her first dance recital. It was quite a production! It is amazing how much practice, money, and effort went into her 2 1/2 minute performance! But, it was great! She looked so cute and her dance moves were hilarious. She enjoyed her moment on the big stage but she is glad that it is over. She was so excited that her Dee, Aunt TaTa, Nana, Poochie, Mary, and Bekah all came to see her. Thanks to all that came and participated in this milestone!

The Tooth Fairy Delivered

Well, the tooth fairy came and did her duty. As you can see, my daughter was pleased with what was left for her. She has concluded that the tooth fairy must be invisible because she stayed up all night and never saw a thing. I could honestly reply that I have never seen the tooth fairy myself! My little sweetie is checking the rest of her teeth daily for any sign of a wiggle. Much to her delight, one of her bottom teeth is slightly loose! How many teeth left to go?