Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Day My Prince Will Come

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess.......
She was searching for her prince. Much to her dismay, there were none to be found. Then all of a sudden out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a little frog.
Even though he was just a frog, she sensed some potential. She had read a lot of fairytales in her day and she had an idea.
She had read that sometimes kissing a frog could result in a prince. It didn't work but the princess bride and the little green frog became the best of friends. The princess decided to remain in her beautiful bridal gown until the perfect prince came along.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Martha Speaks

The other night we took the kids to Barnes and Noble to see Martha from the LPB show Martha Speaks. If you are not familiar with the show, it is about a talking dog. While being a fun show for kids, it is also educational. I'll admit I haven't watched it a lot but from what I have seen, it works on building vocabulary. It is humurous to listen to my daughter try to work new words into our conversations.
Sister loved seeing Martha and even got to take a picture with her. Little brother didn't want anything to do with Martha. In his little world, Martha ranks up there with Santa Claus. Brother did enjoy the cake that they were given!!! As soon as he saw it, he exclaimed,"Birt tay take!!!".

School Field Trip

This week my daughter and her classmates went on a field trip to a local pumpkin patch. The children participated in some educational activites, crafts, games, and storytime. They had a great time. Little brother and I tagged along and enjoyed the beautiful weather.