Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Gustav - Part 2

As I mentioned in the previous post, we were without power for about 1 week. Of course, we didn't know how long it would be to get it restored. Some estimates for our area were very depressing. We spent the first 3 nights in our hot, dark house. My poor 2 year old son didn't understand what was going on and every night would get really upset when it started to get dark. He would cry "lights, lights!". After 3 nights, Grandma Dee got her power back so we spent night #4 at her house. Thanks Grandma Dee!!!! The next day, my grandmother was released from the hospital. She, too, didn't have any power so she came to stay at Grandma Dee's house. We decided that it might be best to take the kids on a little road trip so that my grandmother could get some rest in peace and quiet and so that the kids could have a break from the situation. Not only had their entire routine been disturbed but everything was abnormal. We had to stand in lines at the grocery store just to get in. Cars would line up for miles to get gas. We would go on hunts to find ice. It was crazy! So, a road trip it was!! We headed to Biloxi, Mississippi for the weekend. Poor Biloxi is still a mess from Hurricane Katrina that hit 3 years ago but the hotel where we stayed was a lot of fun!

in front of one of the restaurants in the hotel

swimming at the hotel

they had some really neat cabanas around the pool area

dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe

not a Brad Paisley fan, I guess (Sorry, Brad!)

We had a lot of fun and the best news of all was that our power had been restored that (Sunday) morning. The house and the refrigerator were even cool by the time we made it home! We pray that the rest of hurricane season will not be so eventful!

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