Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anxiously Awaiting The Tooth Fairy

There was much excitement this evening as my 5 year old daughter lost her first baby tooth! She had gone to the store with her Dad and little brother. When they returned home, she came running in and announced that she had lost her tooth "right next to the bananas". She is so excited about the tooth fairy coming tonight. She really wants to wait up to see what she looks like. I told her that the fairy doesn't leave a prize if she is seen. Hopefully this will serve as incentive to fall asleep ASAP!

We found my old tooth fairy pillow and tucked her tooth gently into the little pocket. I bet the tooth fairy will be impressed that I kept it all these years. I'm so glad that my pack rat ways have paid off. It is fun to have her use some of my childhood items. It makes these precious moments even more special!

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