Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things That Don't Happen Everyday!

I just received a phone call letting me know that my street would be closed at some point this afternoon due to the fact that the President of the United States would be attending a fund raiser at a private residence on this street. No Way!!!!! Feel free to drop on by Mr. President. Just give me a little notice so that I can hose down the house for you. And by the way, my dear daughter has dance lessons this evening so if you could possibly have the street opened by 6ish, I'd so appreciate it. Dance recital is coming up soon - she needs the practice!!! Thanks and your welcome on this street anytime!!!


Chief Family Officer said...

Wow! Who made the call? Secret Service or someone local? And did you get to see anything interesting?

My in-laws live near Allison Janney (the actress, she was on West Wing and in Juno). It's fun to keep walking past the window on award show nights to see the limo waiting out front and try to catch a glimpse of her as she leaves all made up. But it doesn't even come close to having POTUS (President of the United States) on your street!

Sincerely Yours said...

I would love to be able to tell you that the call was from the secret service and make it sound extremely exciting. BUT...actually, it was a secretary from my husband's office that heard about our street being closed on the news. The most exciting thing that I saw was helicopters flying over our house. The funny thing is my 5 year old daughter was actually unpleasantly suprised that the POTUS didn't stop by. She wanted to show him her room. Kids - you have to love them!!!